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Venus Flytrap
(Dionaea muscipula)

venus flytrap herbal capsules

Venus flytrap Extract Capsules Dionaea muscipula

Venus Flytrap is a well known carnivorous plant native the East Coast of the United States. German oncologist Helmut Keller, M.D. discovered the health benefits of this plant. Keller began studying Venus’ Flytrap in 1980 with great success.

Research shows that the plumbagin, the yellow dye found in the venus flytrap, when used in low doses is a strong stimulant of:

  • Macrophage activity (consideriable size scavenger cells that flood bacteria and destroy it, together with and other foreign debris)
  • Anti-mutagenic, which is a compound that acts on cells and tissues to lower initiation of mutation)
  • Lowers HDL elevation, as demonstrated in animal studies and research.

Possible Health Benefits of Venus Fly Trap

The extract of Venus flytrap has been found in studies to be of benefit in the following:

  • Several different cancers
  • Multiple sclerosis MS
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Chronic arthritis
  • Herpes Simplex infection
  • AIDS Virus
  • Lymes Disease

Studies indicate that the Venus Fly trap taken as a herbal extract may help in shrinking solid tumors.

Research has found that there are 17 immune-supporting compounds, as described in international medical literature occur naturally in the Venus Flytrap plant.

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