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Certified Organic Licorice (Glcyrrhiza glabra)

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Organic Licorice Root

Botanical Name: Glycyrrhiza glabra. Organic Status: Certified Organic Australian Certified Organic. Plant Part: Root. (Also spelt as Liquorice).

Expectorant, Anti-inflammatory, Demulcent, Adrenal agent, Anti-spasmodic, Mild Laxative

Licorice root is a sweet herb and well documented as being benefical for many digestive system issues. Licorice root has been used as a medicinal herb almost since time began and is highly valued for the cooling and calming effect on the whole digestive system. Licorice contain glycyrrhizin, which is known for causing hypertension (high blood pressure), so not recommended for people taking blood pressure medication.

It is best not to take any licorice supplements if you are taking anti-hypertensive or diuretic medications, or if you are experiencing chronic kidney insufficiency, liver cirrhosis. If you are pregnant or breast feeding do not ingest pure licorice.


Suggested intake is 70 to 150 mg of liquorice. Do not use Licorice for more than 4 – 6 weeks without the advice of a health practitioner. For healthy adults licorice can be very beneficial.

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Our Licorice contains no fillers, additives, and capules are 100% pure bovine. Pure herb that has not had the glycyrrhizin extracted.

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Please Note: We are selling loose herbs we are not selling herbs as therapeutic pre-packaged products. All our herbs are made up individually and only encapsulated once you order. By orderng you give us permission to encapsulate on your behalf. We make no therapeutic claims about the any herbs we offer for sale. Always drink plenty of water and add extra fiber to your diet. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Self-diagnosis is unadvised.

If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breast feeding do not take any herbs without consulting a qualified practitioner. We offer a free consultation.

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