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Certified Organic Goldenseal Capsules

goldenseal plant

Certified Organic Goldenseal

Common names: Orange Root, Yellow Root, Yellow Puccoon, Ground Raspberry, Wild Curcuma, Turmeric Root, Indian Dye, Eye Root, Eye Balm, Indian Paint, Jaundice Root, Warnera, Indian Plant

Health Benefits of Goldenseal

  • Anti-inflammatory and Antibacterial
  • Antitumor (cytotoxic)
  • Can be mixed into an astringent
  • Antiseptic
  • Antifungal
  • Bitter herb
  • Healing properties for digestive and bile issues
  • Diaphoretic (having the power to increase sweating)
  • Expectorant increases sputum - used to treat coughs.
  • Hypertensive - helps with blood pressure
  • Act as a mild laxative
  • Helps reduces phlegm
  • Aids the ceasing of internal bleeding
  • Acts as a sedative
  • Goldenseal is noted as a health tonic
  • Uterine stimulant

    Capsules are normally taken, as this herb is very bitter, If taken as a complex with chasteberry powder, Goldenseal is known for relieving menopausal symptoms of flashes and sweats. If mixed with eyebright, it relieves hay fever symptoms.

    Uses of Goldenseeal

    • Infections
    • Inflammation
    • Ulcers - gastrointestinal tract
    • Sinuses infections (use as snuff or as a sinus wash
    • Effective for helping vaginal infections
    • Use on skin infections
    • Helps with eye infections
    • A stimulant or tonic when used in moderation or for *limited duration.

    Or Goldenseal Contains:

    • No Heavy Metals
    • No Fillers
    • No Chemical preservatives
    • No Pesticide Sprays
    • No genetically Modified Crop Material

    Do not ingest if you are pregnant as Goldenseal stimulates the uterus. Do not ingest if you have highblood pressure.

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    Dosages for adults: Take two Capsules Daily

    * We recommend that Goldenseal be ingested for no more than one month, taking a break of 7 days at a time without.

    Please Note: We are selling loose herbs we are not selling herbs as therapeutic pre-packaged products. All our herbs are made up individually and only encapsulated once you order. By orderng you give us permission to encapsulate on your behalf. We make no therapeutic claims about the any herbs we offer for sale. Always drink plenty of water and add extra fiber to your diet. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Self-diagnosis is unadvised.

    If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breast feeding do not take any herbs without consulting a qualified practitioner. We offer a free consultation.

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