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How To Avoid Human Intestinal Parasites and Worms

How To Lower Your Chances Of Picking Up Human Parasites and Worms

You can lower your chances of picking up parasites if you follow the following suggestions:

  1. Wear footwear outside and do not walk around bare foot
  2. Do not eat raw fish
  3. Do not put soiled fingers or objects in your mouth
  4. Do not eat street food when abroad
  5. Wash all fresh fruits and vegetables thoroughly, soak in apple cider vinegar for 10 minutes
  6. Do not eat raw fruit and vegetables that you have not washed and peeled yourself
  7. Be especially vigilant in places where human or animal faeces may contaminate the soil
  8. Do a Herbal Parasite Cleanse twice a year

Round Worms (Ascaris lumbricoides) In Humans

Otherwise known as the large intestinal roundworm that takes up residence in the human digestive system. It looks like a large earthworm, but there is no relation. The earthworm is an annelid; it lives in the soil, feeding on organic debris and is the gardeners friend round worms (Ascaris lumbricoides) are parasitic.

Adults are found only in the intestines of humans, feeding on intestinal contents as they flow past it in your gut. If you were to compare the two very carefully, you would note that the earthworm has little tufts of bristles and its body is marked with many rings.

The body of round worm is smooth and hairless, and the worm has three lips at the mouth end, arranged like the leaves of a three leaf clover and is not the gardeners friend or anyone else's for that matter!

Round worms have a reputation for going on walk-abouts and often do so if their host is un-well or taking certain medications. Adult round worms sometimes spontaneously exit the host through the anus, mouth, or nose. They are found in the bathtub, toilet bowl, in diapers, or even on the pillow upon waking. Females can grow to well over a foot long; males are smaller. For many people, the appearance of a large worm is a traumatic experience, and no doubt the source of many tales about human worm infestation. Parasite cleansing with organic herbs herbal parasite cleanse clears out round worms and lots of other parasites that may be hanging around in your body.

Misconceptions and Myths About Round Worms

Because of it's frequent appearances, round worms have been familiar to people for thousands of years. Here are some commonly held, but totally incorrect, beliefs about them:

You can catch round worm from your dog or cat

False: Intestinal round worms of dogs and cats are different species that are never found in the human intestine. The large intestinal roundworm of pigs may be able to live in humans but this has not been proven. Round worm infection is acquired when the host swallows worm eggs that have matured and then passed on from one person to another. Doing a herbal parasite cleanse will successfully eliminate these unwanted guests.

Putting a piece of bread or raw steak by a person's mouth will lure the worms out

False: Human round worms do sometimes exit the mouth but they are not tempted by bread and steak. They are adapted to get nutrients by taking in liquid intestinal contents.

Having worms will make you lose weight

False: a few worms in the intestine generally cause no obvious symptoms at all. Many worms may lead to nutritional deficiency, particularly in children, or bowel blockage due to worms forming balls and knots of many individuals.

Herbal Parasite Cleanse Kills Round Worms

Our 16 day herbal parasite cleanse will successfully clear round worm in humans. It is the Hulda Clarks formula. We have been preparing parasite cleanses for the last 13 years for our customers, so we know it works. If you have an questions relating to parasite infection or our organic herbal parasite cleanse please contact us

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