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Herbal Parasite Cleanse - 6 Month Weekly Maintenance Course

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organic herbal parasite cleanse maintenance course

6-Month Maintenance Course


Comes with instruction

This maintenance parasite course you take every week and is an option after doing our main herbal parasite cleanse. The length of maintenance protocol is 6 months. Easy to follow instructions are inside the tub. We include free sample of pH Testing Sticks for you to test your acid/alkaline levels.

Certified Organic Herbs - 6 Month Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Course

Parasites are a completely natural part of human exsistence, and normally your immune system is able to eliminate them. If your immune system in compromised or due to heavy infestation imbalance can occur within your body allowing parasites and worms to take up residence and wreak havoc on your immune system, your digestive track and your whole body. Our 16 day parasite cleanse is designed to clear worms and parasites but not suitable for continued use. We offer this 6 month herbal parasite cleanse maintenance course.


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