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Fulhealth Heavy Metal Test Kit 8 Testing Vials

heavy metal test kit

Heavy Metal Test Kit - 8 Tests

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Heavy Metals and How They Affect Your Body

heavy metals and how they affect your body

Heavy metals overload the body and can be contributing factors to the decline of your overall health and well-being. Heavy metals are not routinely checked by doctors, or other healthcare practitioners. Heavy metal toxicity can be passed to an unborn child through the mother’s blood.

The good news is that most heavy metals can be detected by a colour test system. As your body naturally eliminates a small proportion of toxic metal build up through your urinary tract, testing your urine is an easy way to discover if you have a build up of toxic metals.

Heavy Metal Test Kit

The personal test kit contains; 8x Test tubes (8 tests), 1x Bottle of Test Solution, 2x Specimen cups, 2x Pipettes, full easy to understand direction and a colour chart.

What You Can Test

Urine, Saliva, Perspiration and even a blood sample may be tested for Heavy Metal using the same procedure. The Heavy Metal Test Kit can also be used to determine the environmental sources of the contamination such as tap water, rain tank water and dam water.

For more indepth information please see our eBook you can open and save completely free of charge.

Free Heavy Metal Test

free heavy metal urine test

We are currently offering free heavy metal test. If you are located in Australia and would like to rule out heavy metals as a contributing factor to health issues this is what to do:

  • Purchase a urine sample jar from your local pharmacy
  • Do your sample anytime of day
  • Add your name date of birth and contact number with the sample
  • Make sure the lid is well secure and place into a plasic zip topped bag
  • If you have any bubble wrap use that also to keep the sample safe while in transit
  • Post to us in an express satchel on a Monday or Tuesday
  • We will test and give you the results the same day.


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