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Vidanga powder

Latin name : Embelia ribes Burm. f. (Myrsinaceae) Sanskrit/Indian name : Vidanga, Tandula, Krimighna, Baberang, Vayvidang Urdu Name : Baobarang: False Pepper English

What Is Embelia ribes?

Embelia ribes is a well-known powerful herb of powerful Ayurveda. The English name is False black pepper because the fruit looks like pappercorns.

What Is Embelia ribes Used For?

Embelia ribes is used as an anti-parasitic herb and is known for expelling intestinal parasites and worms, especially tapeworm and destroying E.coli and ascariasis. Embelia ribes is most beneficial for strengthening the body and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps with gastrointerstanal problem by preventing the formation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract or helping expulsion of gas build-up.

Buy Embelia ribes Lose Powder

If you would like to purchase the Embelia ribes in loose powder form please let us know. We sell in 300gm-500gm and 1kg.

Please Note

We are selling loose herbs we are not selling herbs as therapeutic pre-packaged products. All products are made up individually and only blended and encapsulated once you order. We make no therapeutic claims about the blends we sell. Always drink plenty of water and add extra fiber to your diet. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Self-diagnosis is unadvised.

If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breast feeding do not take any herbs without consulting a qualified practitioner. Herbs may not be suitable for children, always seek professional advise. Information provided on this web page is for educational purposes only. Please do your own research about the herbs we offer. The full ingredients can be found in the eBooks and we encourage you to read before you order. Self diagnosis can be halmful to your health so please seek advise from your doctor, or health practitioner if in doubt. We offer a free consultation.

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100 certified organic embelia ribes false black pepper capsules made fresh when ordered.
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