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Parasite Cleanse FAQs

  • On Aug 06, 2019

Q: How long does the Parasite Cleanse take to complete?

 A: Our Organic Parasite Cleanse takes 16-days to complete. We advise a parasite cleanse twice yearly or consider our 6-month program where you take the capsules once a week. maintenance weekly.

 Q: Do I need to change my diet while doing the Parasite Cleanse? 

 A: Basically, the answer is no. But, we do advise that you follow the diet guidelines in our parasite eBook.

Q: Can I consume alcohol during the Parasite Cleanse?

 A: Alcohol contains sugar and parasites love sugar. The choice to drink alcohol is yours, however, we advise that you reframe from drinking alcohol while doing the parasite cleanse. Giving yourself the best health choices is paramount to success.

Q: Is it okay to take prescription medications while on the Parasite Cleanse?

 A: We advise that you do your own research regarding the interactions with specific medications and the herbs in the Parasite Cleanse. We do list some medications in our eBook as well, but not all. If in doubt please call us.

Q: Am I likely to get side effects from the Parasite Cleanse?

 A: Herxheimer Reaction or Healing Crisis may be experienced within the first few days of starting the parasite cleanse. Not everyone experiences this. Please check out the healing crisis on our website for more detailed information. 

Q: Am I going to see parasites in my stool?

 A: If you have worms you are more likely to see these in stools. The common worms we pick up are threadworms, roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms. One celled parasite you won’t detect in stools. Pinworm is the most common intestinal parasite, then hookworm.

Q: I am concerned I will be running to the toilet doing the Parasite Cleanse?

 A: We have never, to date, had anyone have a reaction taking our parasite cleanse that would cause a loose bowel. However, everyone is unique and should you develop a reaction such as diarrhoea please call us or consult with your health practitioner.

Q: How does your Parasite Cleanse work?

 A: The Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood will eliminate the adult and larval stages of the life cycle. The Cloves will kill the eggs of the parasite. Treatment with these herbs is well documented. These 3 herbs taken as the handy chart states kill all stages of the lifecycle over 16 days.

Q: Should I repeat the Parasite Cleanse?

 A: We recommend that you either take our Parasite Cleanse every 6 months or stay on a maintenance dose.

Q: Can I do the Parasite Cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

 A: Basically no, we do not recommend a Parasite Cleanse if you are trying to conceive, pregnant or breastfeeding. The herbs in the cleanse are not baby-friendly.

Q: Is one Parasite Cleanse tub enough for 16 days?

 A: Yes. One Parasite Cleanse kit (1 Black Walnut Hull + 1 Wormwood + 1 Cloves) is sufficient for one person for 16 days.

Q: Can my child take parasite cleanse?

 A: Our parasite cleanse is suitable for children if they can swallow capsules. We have handy charts for children’s doses to follow. It is not advised to give a child any parasite cleanse without first contacting us or your healthcare provider.

Q: Should all family members do a parasite cleanse?

 A: Parasites, worms, and bacteria are easily passed on from person to person or picked up from pets. Parasites can be passed on check out how to lower your chances of reinfecting yourself.

Q: If I miss a dose should I restart from the beginning?

 A: Missing one or two doses won’t be an issue, though we do advise that you don’t miss a dose. Simply pick up where you stopped.

Q: Should I take probiotics when I do the Parasite Cleanse?

 A: The herbs in our parasite cleanse are strong and fresh ground. If you have a compromised immune system the likelihood of wiping out all the bacteria in your gut is worth the effort of taking a course of probiotics. We stock broad-spectrum probiotics should you want to order please, get in touch.

Q: Is there any way of knowing the parasite cleanse has worked?

 A: We have had good feedback from customers who say that they feel more energy and that their digestion is better, and their skin also. If you do a colon cleanse first to clear out all the mucus and built up casein in your gastrointestinal tract and then do a parasite cleanse great thing happen! We have an eBook for all our cleanses and you can open and read them for free.

Q: How do I know if I have parasites?

 A: Firstly, try our parasite questions. Unfortunately hosting parasites does not always mean you have symptoms. The symptoms are pretty obvious for worms, except hookworm in the early stages. You can host a one-celled parasite for years before they cause gut issues. The best and cheapest way to find out is to ask your doctor to send 3 stool tests over a week and blood tests. They may not be up for 3 stool tests but often result come back negative when they positive. You can also order a microbiome test from our associates Add the word CLEANSE at check out for a 10% discount.

Q: When should I begin to take the maintenance Parasite Cleanse Capsules?

 A: Leave it a week after finishing the main parasite cleanse. It comes with instructions.

Q: How long should I take the Parasite Cleanse Maintenance Program for?

 A: A once-weekly maintenance dose is recommended for at least 4 weeks after the initial 18-day cleanse. However, consider staying on the Maintenance Program for up to a year, as the effects are cumulative and help to minimize your risk of re-exposure. Some individuals choose to stay on the weekly Maintenance Program indefinitely.

Q: What sizes are the capsules in the Parasite Cleanse?

 A: The size of the capsules is #00

Q: Do you make them in veggie capsules?

 A: People often ask us why we do not use veggie capsules OHCC do not use veggie capsules because they are made with synthetic material. Vegetable capsules are made from Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose. Read more at the base of our front page.

Q: Can you please tell me if it is safe to fast while doing this Parasite Cleanse?

 A: Yes, no problem. Suggest you do a colon cleanse first to clear out your digestive system and plan your fluid for fasting.

*Disclaimer: All the information provided in this F.A.Q. is for your personal information only. Please contact a qualified healthcare professional, or contact us if you have any questions.  We sell herbs, not therapeutic prepacked products. All orders are made up once you purchase.   Our herbs for the parasite cleanse and the information on our website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please read full disclaimer here.

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