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This is our 100% organic herbal quick bowel/colon cleanse. We blend herbs and spices into a quick bowel cleanse for people who suffer with constipation or lazy bowl syndrome. Our quick bowel cleanse removes built up toxins and matter from your intestinal tract aiding the relief of constipation. When you are constipated toxicity builds up in the body making you feel un-well.

Toxicity - Is where the body poisons itself by holding onto decaying matter in the colon. When toxins get into the bloodstream they spread to every cell in the body.

A Putrid-Colon -Toxicity results from putrid intestinal tract. Built up rotting and decaying material creates foul odors and toxic substances are produced. A healthy colon should have no putrid processes happening within the body.

Healthy Bowel movements should have very little odor, and be free from stagnant, rotting and putrid material within the intestinal tract. How much Toxic and built up material is present in the body is dependent upon 1. how long food has been in the body 2. how efficient a persons digestion is and 3. What kind of diet a person has. How long food stays in the digestive system is determined by - what is called stagnation and transit time.

Stagnant Bowel happens when matter is unable to pass through the alimentary tract and and be comfortably expelled through the anus. Waste matter becomes lodged in the colon continues to putrefy releasing toxins for months. Stagnation happens in the colon and is the contributing factor of toxicity

Natural Bowel Cleansing draws out stagnant matter from the intestinal tract and colon, removing mucus, mucoid plaque and putrid matter. The cleanse is made up of certified organic herbs and fiber. Read our our free e-book top right for full details and instructions.

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It would be most beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing, and the successful outcome of this cleanse if you reframed from eating and drinking certain foods and drinks whilst on this cleanse. If you replace tea and coffee with herbal tea and filtered water you will be giving your body a break from caffeine and supporting your own body system through the cleansing process. You can read more about this in our quick bowel cleanse free e-book.

The results will be different for everyone, you are unique and your digestive system works differently from anyone else. After months of trialing this natural colon cleanse, we believe it will certainly help clear the bowel of the built up matter that can be harmful to your health.

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