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Herbal Parasite Cleanse

This 16 Day herbal Parasite Cleanse, made from fresh ground organic herbs to order. We have been making up this herbal parasite cleanse for the last fifteen years for our customers. It comes with a handy chart so cross off your dosages each day. Parasites have a breeding cycle so it is important to kill them at each level. Please download our free ebook on the right. Scroll down and watch the video.

Herbal Parasite Cleanse
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Live Round Worm In Human Digestive System

Definition of a Parasite

An organism that lives inside or on another organism. A parasite cannot survive independently of its host.

It is estimated that 85% of humans have parasites in their bodies. We are being infected and re-infected on a daily basis through our environment from food, water, air and the earth. Parasites lay eggs (larvae) inside your body, which then multiplying at an alarming rate. Every species of parasites behave differently inside their host.

Some parasites live off the food you eat (sugar is a favorite parasite food), while others are happy to eat you! Parasites can attach themselves to the inside of body and suck out the nutritions from your food. Some types of parasites can cause a deficiency of vitamin A, vitamin B12, and iron.

Did You Know parasites Poo?

Parasites secrete waste byproducts straight into the gut and bloodstream, which are capable of causing allergic and autoimmune reactions. As these waste products are toxic, the affect can be very unpleasant. They also have an affect on your immune system by weaken your bodies defenses, leaving you even more susceptible to illness and disease.

Parasite and worms can cause a wide range of chronic and degenerative health problems.

Any long-term cure for almost every disease and chronic ailment must incorporate some form of serious parasite cleansing, along side other treatment. Parasites survive and reproduce in the body, often for long periods of time, sometimes years! More and more health practitioners believe that parasites are the underlying cause for a number of health issues, such as: hypoglycemia, Crohn's disease, obesity, depression, upper respiratory tract ailments, and endometriosis.

You can pick up parasites from the sources listed below


Prevention of Parasites

  • Wash your hands after the toilet, changing nappies and playing with pets
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables really well before you eat them
  • Keep your fingernails short and clean, especially if you are a gardener
  • Do not walk barefoot
  • Do our herbal parasite cleanse twice a year
  • Parasite Infestation Symptoms

    Read much more about parasites and our organic herbal parasite cleanse in our free eBook.

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